White whine

Here’s the thing. If you’re white, if you’re het, if you’re cis–you can be fine. You can give Trump a chance. You can give the Republicans a chance. You can wait it out. You can not care. But don’t ask people whose lives are legitimately fucked, who are being constantly threatened, to wait it out, to give it a chance, to not care. Don’t use people who are in danger–children who are in danger–to make excuses for yourself, for your lack of empathy, for your selfish apathy. I get selfish apathy because I get to get selfish apathy. It’s a privilege. But don’t martyr yourself. Just shut up and be a terrible white person who votes for the Democrat and doesn’t listen to anyone who isn’t white. Clearly you’ve been getting by without your critical thinking skills this long… you’ll be fine

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