Are you ready for some great titles? Here we go: Humanity (Part I), Shape, Contamination, Bestiality, Solitude, Eternity, Wait, Humanity (Part II), Sterilization, Despair. Those titles are the track titles from Ennio Morricone’s The Thing soundtrack album. If you’re on Twitter and follow a good number of film people, some guy will mention The Thing because he’s—and it’s always a guy—because he’s just seen it again and realized what a truly great film it is and how did this film not get appreciated at the time. We’ve all had that moment. I had it with a pan and scan VHS tape and then the Universal Home Video Collector’s Edition LaserDisc and, yes, The Thing is great and, yes, it’s dumb it’s undervalued. But look at those titles. That looks like a soundtrack to Crime and Punishment, but an extra depressing version. Single word titles are portentous. I’m not sure I like it. Portentousness gets to be a little much. Or maybe I do need daily post titling themes.

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