People are disappointing. Not just some people, but a lot of people. Most people are, actually, rather disappointing. People’s responses are disappointing, people’s lack of introspection is disappointing, people’s lack of critical thinking is disappointing. I’ve been disappointing. Hell, I was probably disappointing just the other day. It’s the first Sunday after the election. We’re getting the “normal” Sunday political news, which is all bullshit anyway. After hiding out for my three day weekend, occasionally checking in with people–both irl friends and digital–Twitter made me nauseous today. Or it was the Greek yogurt with chia seed and cacao. But I think it was Twitter. It’s the same old thing already–people saying “I experience this” and other people saying “You’re misunderstanding your experience.” The former tend to be people of color or queer folks; the latter are white. They probably voted for Clinton. It’s not all bad. Not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to normalize a moron fascist who inspires racism (we need a better word to encompass all the things Trump and his supporters hate, all the things his voters are willing to embrace to see if being white alone can make them royalty in the 21st century). Even some of the political reporters who were sucking up to the normalization trend mid-week are back to being a little more lefty. Probably because they weren’t getting as many retweets.

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