Normalcy. According to my Apple dictionary, normalcy means “the condition of being normal; the state of being usual, typical, or expected.” Usual, typical, expected. All three of those are out the window. No matter what happens it won’t be typical, it won’t be expected, we’re already way past usual. But the “condition of being normal.” I cleaned the litter boxes last night. We went grocery shopping today. I mowed the lawn. With the slight exception of mowing the lawn (one last time before winter, though maybe the sun is just going to burn all of us off the face of the Earth this year, which is fine too), these activities are normal. However, with the exception of the litter boxes, the activities did not feel normal. The world feels off, like everyone can feel it. The world seems silent. Combined with the leafless trees and the clear sky, desolate might be the right word for Denver North Metro. The days are sunny and desolate. And silent. And these conditions are on their way to normalcy.

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