One of Five

Today’s the last day of five posts. It seems like about a week ago I started; oops, I missed a post, I’ll do five again a day. Surely I’ll have something to talk about over the week. I’m going to watch Kiss of Death, after all. Still haven’t watched it, obviously. I don’t check in on as many people. I don’t wait for the loud flying object overhead to drop bombs. I still don’t offer hopeful platitudes, but I do offer examples of where other people have found hopefulness. I haven’t gotten back to “work,” in terms of the work I produce on my own time, but I’ve taken steps toward it. I’ve consumed media. I’ve laughed. I’ve felt my stomach fall out. I’ve gotten angry at people’s responses. I’ve remembered what it was like being so frustrated it becomes anger. I’ve become so frustrated it becomes anger. My wife found a meme earlier about how since David Bowie’s death—it was in January, but feels like yesterday—the universe has slowly been going to entropy. It makes a great story, a great pattern to identify, but it’s not one. It’s a series of coincidences lacking mystical causality. So I’ve reasoned too. I’ve rejected reason. I’ve embraced empathy, I’ve rejected it. I’ve written way over on this post and I have four more to go in less than three hours.

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