Make believe

I have tomorrow off. Holiday observed. I was planning on watching some movies, probably doing some chores–putting off the dang lawn until the weekend though, reading some comics, writing. But it still doesn’t seem quite real, this world. Not because people are awful, I knew that one–I’ve had multiple people tell me they appreciate me not saying “I told you so,” but I wanted to be wrong so why would I gloat. Why would anyone gloat about the suffering people all over the country are already experiencing. It’s started. The “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” crowd is already out in force. I actually wish I could just watch movies, do some chores–I’ll do those, I will–read some comics. Write. I’ll write, obviously. This morning I ate a butter cookie on a pita chip. It tasted great. Up is down, salt is sweet, dirt is wet. And it always has been. Everything else was just make believe.

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