No politics. Well, no modern politics. Not exactly. Figure there’s more than enough chance everything’ll get political until the Internet gets shut down in 2017 for TrumpNET. Wonder if it’ll be Google or Microsoft selling the country out. I actually vote Google. Microsoft is a for-profit corporation. Google’s a bunch of… Anyway. Lots of news this year about how awful (white male) comic book readers treat (non-white male) comic book readers online. It’s not just readers, it’s white male comic book creators, which comes as no surprise to me because I spent some time in the early aughts on comic book forums. Not random website’s forums, but creators’ forums. And no matter how progressive the creator, they loved having their fascist scumbag posts on their forums. Mark Millar was the worst–I didn’t hang around Byrneworld or whatever–because he’d spout his holier than though Scottish/UK progressiveness–why can’t the U.S. catch up–while having these awful human beings on his message board, sometimes moderating. It was back then the idea of the web having something to do with freedom of speech got started. It’s absolute nonsense. Promoting absolute nonsense is how the web, which has grown beyond anyone’s imagination for usage, has gotten to be so useless. Anyway. Off track. Again. But, yeah, awful white male comic book readers posting online? They’ve been getting enabled since day one. I feel like even DC used to do it; let their message boards turn into nothing but gay-bashing against creators. The moral of the story? Mark Millar’s full of shit and has been since anyone started paying attention to him.

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