Youthful exuberance

When I was younger, I used to have quite a bit to say about media. Like I’d want to pick a fight. Even if I was ignorant on a subject or just plain wrong. The latter didn’t happen a lot and I hated the former, so I kept it to a minimum–I used to drink a lot of "Creeksides" in college, which were this one bar’s version of a Long Island. I once blathered for fifteen minutes about glam rock only to discover it was a punk rock conversation. Ah, youth. But I never got Internet arguing. I’m not even sure I got 1994 dial-up chat board arguing. Even though, in the right company, I’ll tell everyone exactly what I think about X-Men comics or Christopher Nolan… I tend not to share my more passionate verbiage with general audiences. It’s not worth the energy and probably never has been.

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