I like daylight savings time. The fall one. Not just because you get the extra hour, but because it forces me to go to bed earlier. I’m ready for bed at 10:14 because it’s really 11:14. I was trying to figure out a benefit to the spring one but I think it only works if the arrow of time somehow gets reversed. Like it slingshots around a sun. Yeah. Martin Amis and Star Trek IV. Nothing cooler. But it’s nice not to have to be responsible for adjusting my sleeping habits. I think the problem is just it forces me to have terrible ones most of the year just for this one extra hour thing to save me. And then the spring thing just sucks. There’s no spinning it positively. Unless you’re doing some kind of sleep and energy deprivation thing. Like some kind of emo Altered States type thing. Ew. Anyway. Yeah, daylight savings time. Time for bed. Yeah. I don’t think I ever even had a point here.

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