Emergency car ride to the vet

How much will it cost this time? The concern is present but subdued. He’s in the carrier, he’s in the car, he’s okay enough to drive all the way to the cheap, good place. So how much will it cost? What did he eat, when did he eat it, where did it get stuck, will they have to operate, is there some kind of kitty ipecac? The hardest part is afterwards, after the radiography, after the anti-nausea injection, after cleaning up bile in the backseat of the car. Do other cats understand why they have to go to the vet, even if it scares them? I hear no, but I don’t know if I believe it. He’s such a pain. And he’s sick. And it sucks. But this time we have to look into the pet insurance—he’s learned to stop eating things big enough to obstruct but small enough to still cause nausea. Why can’t cats be smart in a non-expensive way? How has no one made a Tarzan-like movie about living amongst the cats? Especially in the post-YouTube era. Even people who don’t like cats will still watch a YouTube video of adorable feline mischievous. Anyway, cats. They’re great and I don’t recommend them unless you hate yourself in very special ways.

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