Network attached woes

Time for another technology post. Because consumer technology, even the slightly geeky variety, can bring magic but it can also bring perplexing pains in the posterior. Today’s posterior pain point? NAS drives. For the last few years, when a hard drive enclosure fails, I don’t replace it with another RAID or Drobo, I replace it with a NAS. It works great; if I had multiple computers I’d be able to access it from any, I can access it from outside my home network, on the rare occasions I need to go directly from NAS to AppleTV I can. However, when there’s a problem, there are so many possible causes. My iTunes library is messing up–which raises so many issues of its own, as it reminds what a nightmare music management has become (Apple’s solution–instead of fixing iTunes–has been to go to the cloud). “It just works” technology has been the standard for a while. At least the last few years. It takes me a while to start up the trouble-shooting area of my brain these days, especially for my own stuff. I’d much rather it just work.

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