Regex needs

The frustrations of technology. One of my added frustrations is how close my technology is to succeeding. It’s almost fast enough, it’s almost enough storage, it’s almost simple enough. The simple enough is my deep dark technology secret–I really don’t care as long as it does what I need as simply as it can. I might need it to do something advanced, but I want it to do that thing simply. I’m not interested enough. One drawback–and further frustration–is how little I retain about programming or even writing CSS. I don’t care, I know I can learn it if I need to learn it, I know I’ll probably never need to learn it. I used to want to learn regular expressions like nothing else. Then I got access to and they have a great regex class. I took some of it. I couldn’t figure out what the hell I’d use it for because my need for its functionality was gone. Something else had either filled the need or the need had disappeared or the need had evolved. But I have no idea what that need had been. I wanted to learn regex so bad I’d ask online acquaintances for lessons. And I have no idea what I wanted it for. Something I would’ve done in BBEdit because it having regex support was a big deal but I think something else too. Oh. Wait. I do remember what I wanted it for. Yeah, I don’t need to do that thing anymore.

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