Ephemeral blogging

Initially, it seemed like all blogging was ephemeral. I remember having to find a platform with hard links. I still come across blogger blogs where old posts aren’t kept. Blogs were the workday time-killer before Facebook and Twitter. I don’t know if MySpace was ever a workday time-killer, I wasn’t on it enough. But my earlier post today (I’m struggling to get the four posts in today) about movies… I might have already posted something very similar. It raises the question of how to curate this blog. Does there need to be any? I know I had the idea of doing some kind of monthly recap, but I dropped it before ever attempting it. I did manage to do the movie recap two months in a row. I joked about mining the material for a NaNoWriMo 2017 "novel." At least I didn’t mean it when I suggested it. Nothing’s easy for searching and the SEO is zero. So it’s ephemeral through disinterest in making it anything else… which is new for me. I kind of like it, kind of don’t. I’m still not sure what kind of function I’m looking for with the blog. If any.

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