Generative editing

One of the things I hate about editing–and I still haven’t decided how I’m going to go about making changes to a digital copy–is how to balance the generative response to the work. How and when do I incorporate my big idea note from today? It’s a big idea and it’s for a novel. A novel isn’t like a short story. Adding a major component, especially a frequent one, is a bit of a pain. Though the other big note I have from before–big enough I remember it even though I’ve never been through my various notes on the novel in Drafts–probably needs to be added at this stage too. Sure, editing 1,670 words a day makes it an easy task–not really, because the novel’s around 60,000 not 50,000 so I’ll need to do 2,000 a day to be done by the end of November. I hate generative editing when it’s the only thing I’m doing. Seems like moving the tectonic plates of the novel needs to be done once I’ve got a grasp on it, not when I’m familiarizing myself with it again.

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