First edit

One of my first jobs was at a video store; my first novel is set in a video store. Reading through the first six pages of my second novel, I wondered where I’d set my third one (if I ever get around to drafting another novel). I say drafting because there’s a big difference between writing a novel, editing a novel, publishing a novel. Hell, even self-publishing one. Because the amount of detail I put into the setting surprised me. I wonder if getting back into a piece’s mindset is easier when it’s close third. Probably. The first 1,670 words didn’t take long to line-edit. I made one major note–and remembered I have some big ideas in the Drafts app on my phone to look through–but otherwise it was all little edits and corrections. A couple roughly added sentences; as I was going through, I realized I hadn’t thought about how I was going to do the edits. Every night on a digital copy or at the end of the month all at once. I’m not wild about the former because I’m feeling lazy, I’m not wild about the latter because who wants to do hundreds of pages of edits all at once.

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