Fetishized writing behaviors

I read someplace how the reason so many Hollywood movies of the thirties had newspaper settings is because most of the screenwriters were newspaper people. Like when movies went to talking, they all got into it. So I wonder how writers got the expectation of absurd behaviors while writing. Exaggerated, visual processes. Even when they’re alone. Not a mad genius, but a madcap one. Wonder Boys is a great example of it with the robe. For a while it was distraction-free writing. I have no idea what the young folks do today with it. I can’t remember what my exact process was for this project. The initial, NaNoRiMo draft was written whenever I found time, which really sucked. I hate writing in public spaces; something I used to love doing, now I loathe it. Not sure why exactly either. The second drafting, I remember the scheduling of it, which was precise for both drafting and revising, but not the actual process of the writing. So I came up with a way to do this edit of it with some absurd process. It should help me get in the mindset for the project too, but it’s also a silly idea. I’m going to be behind on it, which is kind of fine anyway because I’m going to have to read ahead to get the edit complete by the end of the month.

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