October 2016 movie recap

I had no idea but I’ve only done one of these monthly movie recaps so I haven’t actually missed one. It’s been a long month. Between the race in California, birthdays, tattoos, whatever else, it’s been a long month. I wanted to get six movies watched this month—Personal Velocity, Peyton Place, The Seventh Seal, Summer School, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, and Warning Shot. I also had the Suddenly screener. So seven movies. I got through four. Personal Velocity didn’t happen because I want my brain to be in a serious mode for it and not worrying about getting in to work or getting something done around the house. Peyton Place is just long. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is a bit longer than anything except Peyton Place. I also had another screener—I started keeping a list of “Upcoming” posts at The Stop Button in the middle of the month or sometime after I watched The Wailing. I was looking forward to The Wailing because it’s from South Korea. Unfortunately, it’s a piece of crap. Bummer on that one, because it’s really long. I also got the “Perry Mason” TV movies. So I decided I’d watch one of those a week to decompress my brain; a late night movie. So much so when I was watching the last one, the music was giving me flashbacks to childhood. I must have watched some of them as re-runs; I watched most of the “Perry Mason” movies into the early nineties, I think. I watched The Seventh Seal, which I’d never seen and is awesome beyond even what I was expecting. Bergman probably is the best. I mean, in all seriousness, he’s probably the best. I watched Trancers 4 and Trancers 5, which are terrible. They’re the last of the Tim Thomerson Trancers movies and the last I’m going to do for a while. There’s a Trancers 6 but it’s without Thomerson. Summer School, which is an incredibly strong comedy. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to go see such a strong studio comedy in the theater nowadays. Because I’m old and I’m sick and tired of these kids and their loud music. Just like David Janssen probably would be; he headlined Warning Shot, which I watched for Eleanor Parker. She’s got one scene. She’s awesome. I’d seen the movie before—oh, right, I’d seen Summer School lots and Trancers 4 and 5 never before—and liked it more the first time. It’s disappointing, but could be worse. Not so for the four Perry Mason TVMs I managed to watch. I missed a week too because of the race—did October have five Fridays this year? Anyway, a couple okay ones, a couple crappier ones. All memorable to some degree, which makes me think I watched them more than once as a kid. The nostalgia factor is sort of strong, but it’d be a lot stronger if they weren’t so poorly directed. Next month I’m hoping to get through all the movies I have scheduled. I’m adding a slot, which is sort of problematic but I’d forgotten about The Wailing in October so it’s just another eleven scheduled. And Suddenly finally has an excellent blu-ray release. I don’t recommend the movie because I just can’t with some of the Red Scare stuff, but if you’re going to watch that film, the new blu-ray release from Film Detective rocks. And not just because they sent me a screener. They do a great job with digital restoration. They make public domain movies watchable.

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