Cat jealousy

We have three cats—Shaz, Gregory, and Fozzy (adopted in that order). I’m Gregory’s favorite; he loves to hop onto my lap when I’m trying to work on the computer. Then he bats at my face until I give him attention. It’d be adorable if it wasn’t annoying. These days I rarely sit down at the computer to do anything besides rushed work. In comparison, Shaz likes hanging out with my wife—while my wife’s still asleep, which is adorable. Especially since Shaz doesn’t wake her up and if Gregory gets near a sleeping animal—whether it be Homo sapiens sapiens, Felis catus, Rattus norvegicus, or even Terrapene carolina carolina—Gregory do whatever it takes to awaken that animal. A sleeping animal cannot pet him. Fozzy doesn’t do the day-time snuggling, just the bedtime (so of course he’s the best snuggly cat). While Shaz does “enjoy” my company, she doesn’t get excited to hang out with just me. She’ll wait at the closed bedroom door to be let into carefully and quietly hop up onto the bed and snuggle in near my sleeping wife. As someone who grew up with zero interest in having cats—into my late twenties or even early thirties—it’s strange. Then again, I’m also convinced Toxoplasma Gondii basically causes Stockholm Syndrome in cat owners, so it does make sense.

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