I know I’ve written a little about technology—personal computing technology—on Summing-Up but I tend to avoid the subject. Not because there’s anything wrong with writing about technology (I even had a blog where I wrote about it consistently if irregularly), but because it just hasn’t seemed an appropriate subject. Though I don’t have many guidelines for what makes an appropriate Summing-Up post. My first “self-hosted” website talked about technology. I had a loving ode to my region-free DVD player back in 2000 or so. But today, reading about the new Apple MacBook Pro, I realized I might actually have something to write about technology. Personal computing technology. Because for the first time in ten or eleven years, I thought about looking into a computer not a Mac. There’s a lot about being an Apple zombie or an Android snowflake—it sets off the brain region religion and, I assume, various other brand loyalties set off, but this consideration isn’t about wanting to jump brands or feeling betrayed over a USB port. I’m just not sure how much I need a desktop Mac. I just priced the weakest iMac I’d want and it’s a couple thousand dollars, pre-tax. It’d run a Plex server, be a word processor, post to blogs, manage photos, manage music, play the occasional—very occasional post-AppleTV and controller—game, and not much else. The hardest things it’d do are the Plex and the photos. Everything else I can pretty much do on my off-the-shelf and not super-strong MacBook Air. So doesn’t a PC box to run a Plex server make more sense? The Apple news today was just another Apple news event, with the same Apple Inc. we’ve had for years. One not particularly responsive to its “fan” base. This lack of responsiveness didn’t start with the iPad Pro or the MacBook or the iPad or the iPhone. I remember being in undergrad, new to the platform, and feeling left out as the company switched its focus to iPods. Admittedly, some of it had to do with too slower PowerPC processors as we’d later find out, but whatever. Using the Mac is a great experience (though less for me on the laptops), it just isn’t a necessary experience for everything. It never has been and as my technology gets older, being a snob about it eventually will just cost me more. And there are getting to be better technology things than an iMac to spend money on.

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