In excess

I once put a lot of thought into how Stop Button posts were scheduled. There’s a lot of minutiae to blogging, especially self-hosted, and if you’re inclined, you can geek out on it. I didn’t know a single person who blogged. I’m not even sure if I know anyone know who does, in my daily life, I mean. I know a few people who posted blog entries to MySpace. I won’t ever mention it to them, but I do remember them blogging at MySpace. It wasn’t a weird dream, it was weird digital reality. I always think other people, who don’t write blogs, would have more interesting blogs than I have. Hey, thanks for reading, by the way. It’s a self-efficacy thing. I’ve got lots of those. So I always consult people when I’m making a change to a blog. No, not this one. Sorry, it’s just going to go on and on until August 20, 2017. I can’t imagine I’ll want to do another year of it. Maybe something weekly. Or a podcast if I become besties with Matt Berry and convince him to do a podcast in a Maugham impersonation. But I’m making a slight change to the format of Comics Fondle and it requires queuing some posts and also figuring out some formatting things. And so I’m in a consulting phase but getting antsy to move forward. I think maybe I’m just upset I can’t figure out the best way to store the queued posts, which is lame but maybe more honestly the case. Again, thanks for reading this very interesting fourth post of the day. Can’t wait to get back to Summing Up.

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