Eighties nostalgia

Was saying “that’s so eighties” ever a thing? I mean, as a phrase, not as a sensibility—I remember reading an article (probably in Entertainment Weekly) about the stars who didn’t make it out of the eighties. It was such a thing, especially when talking about pop culture, until the mid-nineties or so. There was just a lull in pop culture phenomenon and it allowed for more examination than usual. There were, of course, more places to talk about it—EW, “Entertainment Tonight,” whatever; just think about how silly an idea E! should have been. But I was five with Return of the Jedi came out. I could’ve been young enough for E.T., but intentionally chose to be a dude about E.T. I started looking back at the eighties in high school at the height of eighties regret. Eighties media is far more interesting than it should be. Studios trying to assert themselves in genre—just a few years before been exploitation fodder, but through the eighties they were scrambling for it—and the indies and smaller shingles desperate to hold on. It created a very interesting set of conditions. It’s a shame so many of the movies are bad. I actually have no idea where I was going with this one. Something about how I’m harder on “Stranger Things” than I’d like to be, but if you’re going to be set in the eighties, be better about it.

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