Retro mobile gaming

I love the idea of retro gaming but I don’t do it. I might buy an old LucasArts “Star Wars” game for a couple bucks but I never get around to playing the dang thing. However, lately I’ve been playing an old tower defense game—geoDefense—which I probably played on my iPod Touch before I even had an iPhone. It’s not the flashiest game and I’m bummed out I can’t do the in-app purchase for more levels anymore, but it’s hard. I feel more accomplished when I win a level at it than when I win a Metal-powered racing or fighting game. It’s not a port, it’s thoughtful. Though I do stay up too late playing it; the whole thing came about because I was once up for hours playing it and my wife woke up and asked me when I’d be done. “One more game,” I said. “How long have you been saying that?” she said. For two hours, I thought. I turned off the game and went to bed. A few weeks ago, she referenced it as I was again up late playing something else (or possibly blogging, it does happen on the phone now). So I tracked down geoDefense and started playing again. I once won all the levels; I can’t imagine how.

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