Comics blogging

I’ve been having problems with Comics Fondle all year. At least it feels like all year; I read some new Image book and it was completely fine in a boring way, even though it should’ve been sensational or at least interesting—I can’t even remember what it was about, maybe post-apocalyptic or fantasy or supernatural with a female lead and maybe all-female creative team—but it was just fine. Comic books hit that level. They’ve become reliable. Even, though I have almost no firsthand experience, one of the Big Two. Comics haven’t been reliable for decades. And they’ve never been as accessible as they are now. So comics won. They survived, they adapted (slowly), they evolved. The web comics stuff seems a decade behind where it should be, but whatever. It makes them kind of boring to talk about. New ones, I mean. So Comics Fondle suffered (thankfully Matt’s been around to put some life into it). Simultaneously, “The Comics Fondle Podcast” suffered too, for different reasons.

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