Maugham and Me

It’s like Mac and Me only it’s a cartoon where a college professor—sorry, my idea, I get to give myself a career change—is haunted by the ghost of Somerset Maugham. David Hyde Pierce voices the college professor and, as the voice of Maugham, Matt Berry. It’d be raucous fun. I was actually going to write about how burned out I’m getting on The Summing Up. I keep waiting for that book to get moving and it never does. The Narrow Corner eventually caught on and I read it a lot faster. The Summing Up is the opposite. Maugham opens with big promises and then never delivers. So I was going to complain. But then I discovered I left the book at work and I’m not going to get to read it for a few days. And I miss it. I’m curious enough about what he’s going to talk about next to wish I could know now instead of later. I suppose it raises a question of access; nostalgic forgiveness is apparently a by-product of restricted access. Or not. I don’t know. I just remembered he’s going to write about Moon and Sixpence, hopefully, and I want to read about it.

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