Late night

When I was a kid, I loved to stay up late. I’d slam late night Dr. Peppers so I could catch a sitcom rerun or the ABC late night movie. It only got worse as I got older and found more stuff to watch. Before college, when I was working at the Options Exchange, I’d intentionally sit in my somewhat uncomfortable chair to force myself to stay awake for whatever goodie came that day from Ken Crane’s LaserDisc. In terms of media consumption, it was a decadent period of my life. The nascent Internet commerce situation meant lots of great used laserdiscs from websites where they’d post the text file once a day and you had to email your wants in. I got Crazy Moon through that place. We’ve been staying up late. The training for the run eventually made it necessary. But now we’re in the limbo between being better about our bedtime and not. Because we’re adults and our bedtimes are very important. Limbo means somewhat foolish staying up late. It’s a relaxing bad decision. But I had to have gotten up in high school at six and I know I’d try to make it through on like five hours. Terrible, terrible decisions but I was staying up late Crazy Moon on the ABC late night movie.

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