A Fozzy|Shaz Welcome

I’m feeling very Jean Shepherd and I’m going to tell you the story of a cat person’s welcome home. Just be ready, it involves a veritable lake of cat urine. So massive was this water mass, it had flowed in its own directions. It was a huge puddle of piss, left after the cats got released from their nightly banishment to allow the humans to eat. I had just cleaned the litter boxes and not a piss lake was forming. It’s either Fozzy or Shaz. It’s not Gregory. And, at this point, if you don’t own a cat, you should stop reading because I’m going to say how you can tell who has the stinkier pee. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting and it feels like some kind of “CSI: Flintstones” thing, but you can tell. And this evening’s welcome home lake? It was too much to tell. I’ve never seen so much cat pee before. Someone, or both of them, was waiting, was storing it up. This post brought to you by OdoBan, cleaner of Lake Cat Piss. The previous sentence is not true, but I do owe my sanity to OdoBan.

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