Traveling is completely different than the last time I did it. I think I could’ve done it differently the last time, when we went to New Orleans for a half marathon (we cabbed it instead of UberPool because UberPool sounded daunting to me), but we didn’t Airbnb, we got hotel rooms. I’ve heard of Uber experiences, obviously—and after a few of them and reading about a few of them, didn’t really trust the service—and I’ve heard of Airbnb experiences. But yesterday was the first actual Uber ride and it was fine. I didn’t like not being able to tip, however. A little more social than I’m ready for at the drop of a hat, but that one’s on me. Airbnb really is like going into a house and taking over. It’s kind of awesome. Of course, with the exception of killer swing sets, I’m a white guy and I’m not going to have Airbnb problems. But I like the changes to the travel experience… even if I can’t find the wifi password.

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