I have a lot of vague memories of driving through rainstorms as a kid. Sometime in early 1985, we were on a family trip. I got a copy of Who’s Who #2 during that storm—the Batman issue—and I’m pretty sure it got wet and forever damaged, if endeared in memory, while I was getting it back out to the car. There were rainstorms when we’d go visit my mom’s family in Iowa. One time my dad and I were coming back from Oregon, when I was in undergrad, we got in a huge rainstorm crossing Wisconsin. I think it was Wisconsin. Today I drove through some remnants of Typhoon Songda; not the worst remnants, not the dangerous ones, just really heavy rain while driving on Highway 101 in Callifornia. There’s a low forest canopy as the highway goes through the Redwoods. Visibility was poor. It took me a while to realize it wasn’t making me tired because it was overcast, but because my eyes didn’t have anything to focus on except the wipers, the rain hitting the windshield, the oncoming cars’ headlights. If I’ve ever driven at length during a heavy rainstorm, it wasn’t for as long as the drive today. I also enjoyed it more as a passenger.

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