The Saga Fizzles

I think I’ve talked about my movie dreams on Summing-Up. I suppose I should’ve kept track of certain things. But I’ll dream a movie is something completely different. When I was a kid I always had a lot of expectation for a film off stills—I remember Alien disappointed me because I didn’t think it delivered on the movie poster. Now I’m older and jaded and Alien disappoints me for lots of other things. Last night, I dreamt Empire Strikes Back ran 86 minutes and was awful. For a while I was obsessive about collecting multiple cuts of movies—I’m still planning on subjecting myself to the other two cuts of Highlander 2 because I’m really curious: it’s this direct link back to my sixteen year-old brain and how could I possibly have thought any version of Highlander 2 was even vaguely acceptable. I’m cursed with the films of the early 1990s. I don’t even remember what was different about Empire, just Return of the Jedi was the good one. Star Wars and Return of the Jedi were the good ones. Empire was the bad one. I don’t think there is a trilogy with that pattern—first good, second bad, third good. If the third is good, they usually push it to four and then it craps out on the fourth. Oh, it’s the 1990s Mothra trilogy. I mean, the first is okay, second’s lousy, third’s even better than the first. Maybe there was a reason I didn’t want to write about my film enthusiasms on Summing-Up.

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