Slow change

Dennis Hopper, the dude who made the most cultural impact in the sixties and seventies with the least actual talent—except Peter Fonda (let’s be real here, folks), said about his later-in-life conservatism something like, “I took the natural lean to the right,” implying older people become more conservative as part of aging. I always took it to mean guys like Hopper where just pissed off people weren’t bending over backwards to thanking him for making Easy Rider and popularizing pot because what else did he do. You watch American Dreamer and tell me Hopper was some great social thinker. Anyway, not about Dennis Hopper, but it is about the lean. I don’t have a lean to the right, but I don’t have a lot of energy. Back in undergrad—so 2000-ish (which means it happened before a couple smart people I follow on Twitter could even talk and before a few others probably could read)—a professor was talking about how you have to be gradual with change. Like China. China’s got all these people, the government is controlling the rate of change because otherwise chaos and anarchy. These smart young people today, well, by gum, they’re all for the anarchy and chaos. I might have been at the time too—I honestly think working at the Options Exchange made me into a socialist. I would’ve been far more mild without it. But today—and I think I’ve entirely avoided the dumpster fire of the 2016 presidential election on Summing-Up—today I read someone threatened to expose all the sexual predators in Congress. I’m exaggerating, it was only one party but I’m trying not to be political. All I’m saying is, slow change, 320 million people or not, I’m here for it all coming down if it means a bunch of elected perverts don’t get to harass, exploit, abuse, and rape people (probably mostly female people, but it’s not going to be 100% given this particular party is all about repression). So I’m here for burning it down if it stops all that shit. Don’t send me a Guy Fawkes mask or anything; the movie ruined V.

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