If you’re not interested in hydration–and now, having written that part of the sentence, really wish I could have written a post about hyphenation because “if you’re not interested in hyphenation” sounds like a far more ominous opening–but if you’re not interested in hydration, which I’m only interested in right now because I’ve been so bad at it and I’m flying 1,200 miles to run a half marathon I’ve been training for since the beginning of time (or since August), if you’re not interested in hydration, you might get bored. But then again I don’t know anything about hydration–I didn’t learn the trick of getting hydrated before drinking coffee to get better caffeine results until a few years ago–and I have no idea what hydrating does or doesn’t do for my running. I just know I’ve been bad at it lately. And I wanted to see if I could riff on it for eighty-five words. Apparently I can riff on it for almost double that number. Or exactly double it.

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