Writing processes

My writing has changed a lot in twenty years. I’m trying to remember if I actually wrote anything during high school, other than for assignments. I don’t think I started my first screenplay until after high school–maybe I did. But then again, maybe I didn’t. Regardless, after high school, I was regularly writing something. I had long projects and some shorter ones. I remember when I worked at the exchange I used to take notes on scraps of paper for each scene and then write them when I got home. That particular project was a short story; I think. It might have been a screenplay. But there was a short story I wrote at some point–back in those days, pre-writing classes, sharing stories with friends for feedback–and I know I worked on it at work. I just don’t remember where I was working (or when). I feel like it might have been in between freshman and sophomore years of college–I took a break–but I already had a different writing practice by the time I was in college. I simultaneously wish I remembered and have no idea whether it’d be useful to remember it.

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