Learning to shut up

I just watched the trailer for Jackie and wanted to do a post about how I hate Malick trailers. Except I have no idea what Jackie is going to look like. I’ve never seen anything else from the director. I don’t even know if I should have seen anything else from the director. He appears to be a busy enough guy and his movies do get picked up for domestic distribution. He’s Chilean. But the last time I’ve watched a movie trailer for anything like Jackie was probably for Birdman. I don’t watch Oscar-bait previews; I just watched Jackie’s trailer because I’d seen some screencaps on Twitter and someone does a fine job editing it into a pseudo-Tree of Life and I have no idea if the director might actually do such a thing because then I would want to see the film. But this post isn’t about all that stuff. This post is about how I shouldn’t have bothered with that post because for the first time in my adult life, I’m completely out of touch with modern cinema. At least in the predictive sense. I’ve seen all the stupid Marvel movies and I have no idea how Dr. Strange will better. Fine or crappy or terrible. But they haven’t had any terrible ones yet. Not truly terrible. So shouldn’t I have some idea. I used to be really good at predicting based on trailers. Starting in the late nineties; it was a skill I honed. I can’t remember why I stopped caring. Probably because I started watching a lot better movies, but also maybe because I was an Episode One apologist for at least 321 days. It was a dark time.

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