Fine motor

I got into writing because I don’t have fine motor skills–just enough to type at length on a touchscreen–but not enough to make models. And after seeing miniatures at museums, I desperately wanted to make those. Controlled worlds. Perfect in every detail, the imagination converting the unreal to the real inside the viewer. And I can’t draw. I might have been able to draw much better if I’d put more work into it but I didn’t have the raw talent. At some point, I decided to try writing about it. Location sketches. But not location sketches. If I could do location sketches, I would but I pretty soon found out I couldn’t. Like in high school. I couldn’t maintain the interest in it while writing. Stupid people kept getting in front of the locations. I kept wanting to do something with it; I remember having an ambitious idea for integrating location description in undergrad, but before any writing classes. Now I operate with a less is more attitude, which came out in MFA school. Even though I was reading novels with amazing use of location description. Implication over exposition. 

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