I like unforgiving as a word. It’s a harsh sounding word, very sharp, but still not too active. If I had to describe my film and comic book responses—when taken as reviews and not just reaction—I might use unforgiving to describe them. A leftover from my teens and twenties, when I was far more pointed in my attempts to elucidate. Going through the old Stop Button posts, there’s a clear change in the second year, which was really my third year of blogging. If I was unforgiving enough, I didn’t have to worry about developing a voice in the writing, which I’m still not sure about. I infrequently read The Stop Button, usually just snippets when editing print collections. I see Comics Fondle even less, as it doesn’t lend itself to print collections. Maybe it does, but not as far as my design interests go. (It really doesn’t. Comics are far too ephemeral—and I’m pretty sure my writing about them is too).

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