Pacing posts

I just posted four responses—three comic, one film. Watched the movie today, read two of the comics today, found the other comic post waiting to be posted. I’d forgotten about it. I was telling Vernon—friend, podcast cohost, comic book retailer, guy who lets me know what new comics are coming out on Wednesday—I need regular comics posts to keep myself on schedule. Otherwise I fall behind or off entirely. Comics are a weekly thing; when you fall off, it’s hard to pick them back up. Stockpiling—or reading a trade—might be a solution (and it’s what I did back in the olden days, when comics reviews were part of The Stop Button), but it changes the time commitment. Same goes for Summing-Up; Maugham’s chapter lengths in The Summing Up are unpredictable. I always have time to read a page, a page and a half, a couple pages, but he’s actually going on at length now. I feel fragmented. Comics Fondle readers aren’t necessarily Stop Button readers aren’t necessarily Summing-Up readers. I still don’t know how to spell necessarily, which is embarrassing. Anyway, I have them all separated as far as their scheduling and having four Summing-Up posts a day changes the pacing. It’s not like the old days, of course, when I could post a shocking two comics review posts a day and see a meteoric rise in traffic. If only I had Google AdWords turned on, I could’ve gotten eight cents for those 800 views a post.

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