Late night writing confession

I kind of hated writing when I started my MFA program. I’d gotten into creative writing in undergrad as an afterthought. I initially approached the classes I did take because I liked the things I was hearing about them and how they might inform thinking more than fiction. I think fiction writing was just a little part of the creative writing classes. I probably have my final project somewhere. I know I came across it in some kind of cataloging attempt a few years ago. It’s so weird to write something and have almost no memory of it. But I have the same reaction to some things I wrote getting my MFA. Or projects from a few years after the MFA finished; I remembered some of them, but had no memory of the rest. Not even when I thought I did. But I thought my strength in a writing program was analytical, not creative. It took me about three weeks to realize I was wrong. I’m a failed sentimentalist, after all.

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