Peppermint wonderland

I have a severe weakness for peppermint ice cream. It’s another one of those nostalgic sentimental behaviors I can track precisely. When I was a kid, we went to one family’s house for Christmas Eve. Eventually we stopped going there under less than great circumstances and this other family invited us over, starting what’s still a tradition—even though I’m never there because we don’t travel at Christmas due to life and cats. One year—not the first year, but like the fifth or sixth—there was peppermint ice cream. And it was awesome. I think I’d had it before, but never regularly. Now I fiend for it every day it’s available. The slow churned variety because a full container is only like 1300 calories. Besides giving me the madeleine effect, it’s also very refreshing. Though a full container is a bit much on an unprepared stomach.

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