I don’t get a lot of screeners anymore. I used to get more, I used to try to get a lot more. For a while, it was because I thought screeners would get page view and while I run The Stop Button as a hobby, more page views might be nice. It would’ve meant I got better screeners, presumably. Then I got on a really bad list for screeners. I’m on a couple great ones (even though this post is precipitated by watching a particularly crappy movie I got as a screener) but I still find myself passing about fifty percent of the time. One of the big problems I’ve had over the years with The Stop Button is getting comfortable not talking at length—hence the years of the 250 word posts—except when I want to talk at length. And if I don’t want to talk at length, should I be writing about the film in the first place? I don’t know. But I do know I’m glad I don’t get more screeners, even though a really cool one showed up today in the mail.

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