Monthly movie recap

So I don’t want to talk too much about movies on Summing-Up but I have a sad rat on my shoulder so my movement options are limited for the time being. I also just finished the last of six scheduled movie posts for The Stop Button and maybe that scheduling is worth reviewing. Today might be a day of run-ons at Summing-Up. It certainly seems like it is going to be one. This month I watched Baby Boom, Inside Llewyn Davis, Rashomon, The Postman, Secrets & Lies, and Pride of the Marines. The categories were, in the same order as the titles above, movie reminding me of my mom, recommendation from a person, MovieLens recommendation, movie off previous month’s list of movies I’m interested in watching, movie off first six month’s of the year’s list of movies i’m interested in watching, and an Eleanor Parker movie. Don’t worry, if you don’t like Eleanor Parker, I’m burning through Josh Hartnett movies after I’m done with hers—The Stop Button’s got nothing for everyone and everything for no one. So, three great movies, one good movie, two middling movies. Next month, same category order, is Summer School, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, The Seventh Seal, Personal Velocity, Peyton Place, and Warning Shot. I’m looking forward to all of those movies except Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, which I remember not liking, and Warning Shot, which I sort of remember liking but I’m cold on bland formula mysteries lately. The one I’m most worried about is Peyton Place, which I remember loving. Ditto Personal Velocity. Seventh Seal is Bergman. In my dream life, I do nothing but sit and watch Bergman. Summer School should have some amusing performances in it and will make me again feel guilty for not being able to stomach Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Is it a successful schedule system? With the exception of Baby Boom and Pride of the Marines, it was in its first month. Both films pretty immediately proved far more mediocre than I expected. I remembered Baby Boom being a lot more charming and having actual good music. Six movies is also a fairly conservative effort for viewing in a month, especially towards the end of it after running is over. In addition to those films, I watched Captain America 3 because Chris Evans and zeitgeist, Blazing Saddles and Willy Wonka because Gene Wilder, Night People and Patterns because screeners, Give Us the Moon because Margaret Lockwood blogathon, Alligator because curious, Ladyhawke and The Monolith Monsters because blu-ray—and the wife wanted to watch Ladyhawke. A fairly interesting mix and entirely organic. Next month I’m fully doing newly available (to home video or just me) for all the non-blogathon, non-screener entries. Though it’s 2016, so someone else great is going to die next month, which is depressing as all hell. On that note, I’m going to see if the rat wants to go back in the cage.

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