About the Author

I hate about pages. I’ve always hated them. I think the about page for The Stop Button and Comics Fondle are years out of date. Before being years out of date, I think I didn’t have any at all. I don’t mind about this site pages. I quite like the one for Summing-Up. But for the author site I’m working on? Hate it. I hate it so much I deleted the about page and had to go back and reset everything. I’m trying to remember if I ever had to write an author bio in MFA school; I doubt it. I didn’t go to a school where we’d do that sort of asinine assignment. And the instructors were professional enough they wouldn’t have even made us do one as punishment. If a class pissed me off, I totally would make them write their author bios and workshop them. But then I lack the pedagogical instinct.

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