Project review

I had a five mile run this morning. I was not looking forward to it. So instead of my usual listening material—podcasts—I listened to Aimee Mann’s second album, I’m with Stupid. Or, as I think of it, what if Sheryl Crow was all right. That or Aimee Mann: Plugged, because there’s way too much electric guitar on the tracks. But I’ve been listening to that album since high school or just after and I’ve written a lot with it in the background or just in my life. If it wasn’t there for the first novel, it was there for the past events influencing the novel. So my five mile run turned into a project review. What I’m doing, what I’m avoiding, going back to undergrad. Because for a long time I never gave up on ideas, I just put more and more time in between drafts. I’m also planning on doing a revision of the second novel. During the run I realized what I’d love to do with. Unfortunately it’d require about sixty thousand dollars since the novel is about a comic book artist and the idea is to get a different artist to do sketches for each chapter. And I’m planning on just dumping the novels online on my fortieth birthday if I haven’t done anything better with them by then. Doing something better would require a lot more attention than they’re getting. But I also went over various ideas for new projects and dismissed all of them. It was a productive fifty-six minutes—my run lasted just seconds less than the album length. I did register a new domain, but just as a personal site. I really wanted to do it with “md” after my name but I didn’t want to get sued by one of the Drs. Andrew Wickliffe.

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