Reading about Maugham having nostalgia books was unexpected, especially since he’s such a snob. And so enraptured with the idea of being a snob. I don’t have nostalgia books. I wish I did. It would give the hundreds of books around the house added value. Instead they’re just books. But I get the idea; connecting to something where the reading of the material was such a vibrant, happy memory, you can get a little of it back. The Madeline Effect. I tried it this past birthday. I watched a fan edit of Jaws 3. It was terrible. The person who liked Jaws 3 enough to recut the movie did a terrible job. I thought I’d found a kindred soul and instead I subjected myself to a ninety minute nightmare. I hate fan edits. Shame I started making them in high school… Reevaluating old favorites is something I do on The Stop Button, not for the readers, but for me. Applying new critical thinking skills to old indulgences. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe I’m still just surprised how little Maugham thought about what he read.

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