Korean movies

I’m currently in the middle of a project for The Stop Button. Trying to get the posts collected again. Maybe five years ago, I did some collections through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Only CreateSpace sucks. If you want to buy the collections through Amazon, fine, go for it. They’re as reasonably priced as they can be. I like doing it on Lulu now, because I can do photos and different dimensions and whatever. Anyway, not important. Important is I’m currently assembling all the posts from 2006 and there are all the Korean movies. 2006 was about when my wife started watching the Korean movies with me; I found out about them in 2004 and I didn’t share them. Not with people I knew. I was too excited to have this awesome new thing to myself. Anyway, 2006 and lots of Korean movies. All sorts of different kinds; less Japanese and French and Australian I notice, because Korean movies sort of became one of the things I wanted to do with The Stop Button. Then something happened. Maybe Nicheflix closing. But eventually—and I’m not sure when this happened, but it actually might have been late 2006 because Daisy I had to buy and having to import DVDs, even incredibly well-priced ones, killed some of the South Korean emphasis. Yeah, The Host is 2006. Mother is 2009 and it was a return to Korean movies for us. What I’m seeing though is, even though there are still a lot of great films from South Korea, it’s not from these filmmakers I was seeing ten years ago. Maybe some of them, but not the ones I was expecting. Not the ones who convinced me left unhindered, South Korea would’ve created as memorable of films as classic Hollywood did. I think Warren Ellis—a comic book writer I don’t much like—once said South Korean movies seemed to him to be Hollywood movies without the groupthink. Mainstream auteurism, not dictated by budget. Anything seemed possible because they weren’t dictated by the Hollywood trends. And Hollywood’s been nothing but trendy since 1996. It’s changed a little in Korean films. There’s more flash. Usually better flash than Hollywood, but still more flash. The independence is gone.

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