It’s 10:38 and I’m only on my third post. Four posts a day, at least sixty-five words a post. Totally doable. I can’t do the math in my head though. I mean, between blogging and tweeting, I must have that many words every day. The way some people did word count in MFA was everything you wrote counted. You just had to keep track of it all. No social networking back then. Texting wasn’t a widespread enough thing. So it would’ve been correspondence and whatever you tried writing, assuming your job didn’t have you writing anything. But the idea was later to look at it all and bring stuff out of it. I never liked that part of the idea. Passively collecting words to later assemble. I went hippie in MFA school from where I’d been on process, but I didn’t go full hippie. Intent is important in process. Writing isn’t performance. Reading might be, but writing isn’t. Though the writer determines whether the reader performs.

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