The Summing Up, XVII

After promising not to do a biography, this chapter seems to be Maugham’s setup for some biography. Most of the chapter is about his contentedness in observing people without judgement. It starts with him talking specifically about his writing, but he moves it over to people in general. “I cannot bring myself to judge my fellows,” he writes, “I am content to observe them.” One striking thing about The Summing Up, now seventeen chapters and forty pages in, is the lack of defensiveness. Maugham really could care less what the reader thinks of what he’s saying, he’s going to say it anyway. He finishes the chapter talking about himself, however; his decision to go to medical school as opposed to law school. So the biographical information appears to be on its way. He also does one of his multiple semi-colon run-on sentences, which I noticed in The Narrow Corner but not so much here. I don’t think.

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