Role Models

I wish I’d had the self-awareness to realize Kermit the Frog (the Jim Henson version, especially in the first movie) is just about the perfect role model. When I was a kid, Kermit was my favorite Muppet. Frogs were my favorite animals, green was my favorite color, I loved The Muppets. Since getting older, Fozzie won out. Who knows, maybe something happened on a “Muppet Babies” and changed my mind. I didn’t really like the idea of singing in movies, musical or not, from—roughly—1982 to 1999. So age four to age twenty-one. I just didn’t “do” musicals. Anyway, there was a hashtag going around last week—#DescribeYourselfWithThreeCharacters—it went from Twitter to Facebook to small newspaper websites—and I picked Basil Fawlty, Mickey Rourke in Barfly, and Joe Gideon (Roy Schneider from All That Jazz; you’ll have to Google Basil Fawlty, you should know). This morning, I realized it might be funnier to have Fozzie Bear in there—comics writer Josh Dysart had Swamp Thing and Abby as one his three and answered “both” when asked which; if you read Swamp Thing, you’d understand the magic of that answer. And then I realized I wish I had Kermit in there.

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