Frozen Snickers

I have an affection for frozen Snickers bars. It’s one of those non-mysterious affections, like why I’m sympathetic to Swamp Thing and All That Jazz (they had entries with accompanying photographs in a movie review book we had when I was a kid). My mom used to take us to the beach and she’d get me a frozen Snickers bar from the snack truck. I had Snickers as somewhat regular snack as a kid. Peanuts, you know. They’re healthy. And Snickers does satisfy, after all. So there’d occasionally be “home-made” frozen Snickers bars, which I probably continued into my college years. I know without tasting it—a frozen Snickers bar doesn’t go well with a gin and tonic, which strongly suggests an extra credit college assignment. But there have been vegan years (or two years), there have been paleo years (or two years), there’s been less bad eating. Frozen Snickers bars are a treat but not a significant one. They barely rate guilty pleasure. The whole point of them is as a refreshment from heat, but when you homemake them, you’re either in AC or you’re going to have something better in the freezer for refreshment—ice cubes. There are now all sorts of Snickers bar varieties; I haven’t tried any of them frozen. However, the holiday Snickers bars—Christmas Trees, Pumpkins—which have a different shape and layering system, freeze magnificently.

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