Butterflies and rainbows

The early aughts were a lot more divisive than people remember them. Or maybe people just don’t talk about them. The hopefulness of the late nineties is gone, but in its place seems to be the slow acceptance all is not right in Denmark. It’s too slow. It’s always been too slow, but now it’s too slow in post-Internet, post-smartphone. It’s too slow and now we have a perfect Matrix metaphor to show how it’s even worse because it’s intentionally too slow. So many things are happening. So much bad, so much good. Even though new buildings are ugly and the oceans are going to boil in my lifetime, I do believe we’ve got some of the best people who’ve ever lived alive right now. Not to get too Dickens, of course. Only Shatner can properly recite Dickens. I guess I’d say I’m not hopeful for the human race because it’s a bad bet, but I am appreciative of a lot of them.

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