The aloud soliloquy

The aloud soliloquy. That point where the once a season Emmy speech went into every episode of every hour-long show. When TV networks finally realized people didn’t care about acting or even pretend to care about it. Luckily, it coincided with a lot of good British TV so I didn’t suffer. And when I got back to US TV, TV acting had improved. A lot. Who knew green screen and genre would improve TV acting so much. It’s done nothing for film acting. I’m actually thinking about “Supergirl” and its great moments for its cast versus the second season of “The Flash.” What “Supergirl” got right is everything “The Flash” got wrong and needed to get right. Obviously, it’s a second one finale vs. season two finale comparison, but shouldn’t “The Flash” have had a better idea. It had more episodes, more connection with the characters… only not, because even with a whole season of history, “The Flash” is stogy with its format. It doesn’t let the characters breathe. There are too many moving parts, often breathtakingly executed, but there’s something cramped. Its aloud soliloquies are for expositon. “Supergirl,” on the other hand, uses its aloud soliloquies for character. It’s an ambitious use of the trope and the show’s incredibly successful with it.

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